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Cleaning Pinned PCC Compensators

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If you soak it in a solution of 1/2 peroxide and 1/2 white vinegar it will eat the crud away. then rinse with baking soda and water solution.

Caution--if I remember right it may discolor blued metal though. I think that is what I read when I found out about this. My comp is stainless and it didn't bother mine.

Might ought to google it to be sure though.

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I accomplished this eliminating the need to clean it.  I was using Titegroup and coated bullets.  This is a nightmare of melted slag and build-up that you cannot overcome because it builds up in a very short time.  Sport Pistol cured this as it's not as hot.  Now every 5K rounds or so a little screwdriver knocks off the small amount of build-up in there that I could probably just leave.  You could also avoid coated or plated bullets. 






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I’ll fill a small mason jar with either Slip Carbon Killer or Bore Tech Carbon Remover and dip the brake into the jar and let it soak for a little while, I make sure that only the brake is covered in the carbon remover. I’ll than blast it out with some type of degreaser to remove the Carbon remover.

It’s best to remove the upper and make sure that you have the upper supported well before you walk away or else you’ll have a wet work station.

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I do the same thing as you but I let it soak in a solution of 50% Hydrogen Peroxide and 50% White Vinegar.  However one of the posters here a while ago had the best solution which I have followed and it does work.  I just hit the comp with some Frankford Arsenal case lube about 4 or 5 times during the match and the buildup comes off easily with regular cleaner.

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Bore Tech Carbon remover is amazing. My gmr 13 had so much build up I was worried about it contacting the bullet. I shoved a ear plug up the barrel and used masking tape around the comp to seal it. First soak was over night and I did a 45 cal copper brush cleaning the next day then soaked it again. 

for the first time I can see the company threads again and routine cleaning is just a squirt inside the comp and brush out. This product is amazing and cleaning all carbon build up. 

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Try  the 50/50 distilled white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to get works ok 

I cleaned my comp and then polished it to a mirror finish then soaked it with the Dillon brass polish the lanolin in it 

got this from another thread here and I didn’t think it would work but!!

shot 300rds and sprayed it every 100 rds came home and cleaned it 

carbon was able to be wiped out with a rag almost no scrubbing!!!


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With the JP, I take a fired .223 case, hammer the mouth shut, and support the JP barrel on a block of wood and beat the crud out with the brass as a chisel. 

The brass doesn't harm the brake and I can scrape everything, even the radius in the brake.

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I'm going to do the whole vinegar/peroxide...for my MBX stainless barrel/comp I assume it will just affect the lead...but for a phosphate or anodized device like a Law Valley linear comp (the larger 9mm aluminum one, will it strip off the finish as well?  I'd like t one able to flush those out too.  Should I tape up the outside?  I've sued vinegar to remove blueing from barrels before.

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