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Red dot recommendation


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1 hour ago, jrdoran said:

Lowest price I've seen for a new C-more... Tempted to get one ;)


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I use a Sig Romeo 1 2 MOA without the cowitness riser on my RFRO gun.  Definitely bright enough for white steel in bright sunlight.  About $125 on Amazon.  If you go the C-More route, I recommend 8 MOA or larger.

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If you're handy with a hacksaw/dremel tool, a belt sander and a .201" drill bit, the original standard C-More Serendipity standard switch with frame mount can be easily turned into a Slideride.  They are much cheaper, $145 on Amazon.




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I cycled around various color and MOA options on Amazon and noticed that price kept on changing a little for the same combo. Ended up with a 6 MOA, click switch in blue, for $170 (it fluctuated all the way to $200 for the same color / MOA combo).... Going to put it on my sons 22/45 (in place of a Burris), for his mom to try out a Steel Match or two.

--- note I now see that they swapped SlideRide for Railway, so I cancelled the one below, and got the Railway for $25 more.

Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 11.02.30 PM.png

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Yes, the price is a game of  "who's on first"   ;   Just saw Green with 2 MOA at $153; 


I wish the replaceable MOA modules would drop in price, but I have never seen them < $49 on Amazon; 





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Heh.  I personally love the Primary Arms Advanced Microdot.


Currently $129 on Optics Planet.  (With free shipping.)

Run it on my PCC, RFPO, and RFRO.  Had no trouble making GM in each of those with that particular dot.  Battery good for 5 years (I change mine out yearly, because $3 isn't a big deal), and awesomely bright even in daylight on white plates with glare.




It is interesting to see people's comments about "no tube, it slows you down" and so on.  I didn't have any problem getting over a classification over 100% in those three divisions with that dot.


Main thing, it seems to me:  it is reliable (doesn't lose zero, doesn't kill the battery quickly), it is bright (can see it in all light levels and glare), and is placed at the right height for your eyes.  Oh yeah, and is affordable.  :)


Pretty much any of the ones listed here work on a rimfire.  Pick one, slap it on, make sure it is the right height for your "fit" on a rifle, and practice.



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21 hours ago, aalbert said:

C-More arrived more quickly than expect ... it came with the tactical spacers, so I will need to pickup some shorter screws to remove that from the equation (guessing 10-32 x 5/8).


I think the screws that hold the scope to the railway are 1/4x 20. Don't remember the length!


I think again that I'm wrong I just picked up a bag with 1/4-20 screws in it , while cleaning my bench up.  they look way to big.

Probably best to pull one of the screws and bring it with you to the hardware store.  Get slightly longer ones and trim them to length. 

I "think" again that they may be two different lengths.  Going by memory and haven't had a c- more off the base in a long time!

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