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I have a bunch of X-treme 180gr plated HPs. I'm considering loading them with Titegroup, since me and everyone I know normally shoot coated bullets, and we have some Titegroup hanging around unused. I found a lot of Titegroup data with short OALs, but I couldn't find a load with them longer. I usually run 1.180 out of a 5 inch 2011 and 1911. I make major PF with 4.7gr SportPistol or N320 out of that length with SNS coated 180gr RNFP. I've been loading the plated ones with 5.1 per others recommendations, but I can't chrono it. It feels about the same. I've heard you don't need to use as much Titegroup compared to SportPistol or N320. Anyone have a load that works for them with Titegroup and plated bullets at that OAL?

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