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RH safety movement/DA hammer not dropping


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SP01 Shadow, front end of RH safety moves outward as shown in picture. 


This is happening during DA, particularly when using a reduced power mainspring. When this happens, hammer will not drop. 


Thumb pressing on LH safety helps, most of the time. Squeezing on RH safety so it stays close to slide always drops the hammer. 


With stock hammer spring or slightly lighter ones hammer always drop. 


Any thoughts what's causing this? Wear on the safety or sear cage? Or disconnector? Thanks. 




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The left side safety is the one that is part of the shaft that extends through the frame, the sear cage and the right side safety.  It is also the one that has the cam on it that rotates backwards under the arm on the sear and keeps the pistol from firing.


The right side safety lever just moves the shaft due to the square hole in the safety lever rotating the square end of the left side safety shaft.


If the left side safety is sloppy/loose you can by a stronger spring (fits in the slide and pushes against a piece of metal that slides forwards/rearwards in a slot in the frame on the left side).


That stronger spring makes engagement of the safety with the spring operated detent stiffer/more positive.


I can't remember the name of the company that makes/sells those springs but I've seen a few people who wrote it helped their CZ safety work better/have a more positive feel.


I'll bet someone here knows the company and has bought/installed the springs.


My CZ75 Compact converted to use ambidextrous thumb safeties.


The red arrow points at the cam on the left side safety/shaft.  The green arrow points at the arm on the sear that will rotate downwards as the trigger is pulled - unless the safety shaft cam is under it to stop the movement.


cz 75 safety fitting.jpg

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Thanks will look for the spring at some stage, it hardly gets used with ipsc prod. 


For what it's worth, I came upon this post



And looking at the disconnector I saw wear marks at the same spot marked red in the post. The theory being the disconnector might be pushing the sear cage up too high. A few light stroke of file followed by 1400 grit sand paper at that part, I found it nearly fixed the DA issue. With thumb riding on safety DA drops hammer about every time with the slowest pull, even without riding on safety, DA still works most of the time with staged pulls. 


Will dry fire some more, and clean/polish a bit more after next range session. 

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I've heard of loose sear cages on some CZ pistols.  There's a thread or two on the CZ Forum about how to keep that from happening.  Not hard at all.  I just never had to do it, yet.
Are you talking about pinning the sear cage? I just did it to mine. Made a longer #19 pin from a #44 drill bit. Shims the sear cage against the frame and keeps it from moving during the trigger press. Really cleans up the action. I did it to both my SP-01 pistols. Movement in one of them was worse than the other and now both are all good.


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That's it.  The regular CZ's (some of them) can have an issue with the sear cage moving/rocking.  The big old Tactical Sports have two springs under the back side of the sear cage to do better job of keeping the sear to hammer engagement consistent trigger pull after trigger pull.

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Thanks guys, that's it...


I found a local distributor who carries #44 drill bit, with a dremel 3000 kit I did a rough job tonight. 


With the extended #19 pin in, what a difference it has made on DA! It breaks clean without any hesitation now, and safety lever stays dead still. 


It was a quick n rough fit, 1 try, thanks to this post and others I came across. 


For me this is the best "upgrade" after a main spring. 


Thanks a lot! 


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4 hours ago, Hauraki said:

With sear cage installed. Safety was a little tight to install atm. 


Get a piece of sandpaper and take off some more material. Then polish it with Flitz or mother mag polish so it’ll have a smoother metal to metal contact with the sear cage.

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