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Thinking about going back to competition


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As the title says, thinking about going back to competing but I have virtually 0 competition gear right now.  I want to get to shoot open, I used to compete limited, but all I have left is a single stack 9mm 1911.  Should I shoot Limited 10 minor or Single stack minor? Thoughts?

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Between the two, SS minor - you get two extra rounds compared to SS major which is supposed to create a sort of parity, depending on the stage designs. On the other hand, L10 minor has no additional benefit over major and is even worse than Limited minor - you get the same capacity of 10 and you get minor scoring.


Minor scoring is not a problem initially, but when you start speeding up and realize that on a 5 HF stage a major C costs you 0.2 seconds while a minor C costs you 0.4 seconds, you start seeing that you are better off taking extra time in minor to get A-s, which in turn makes it much harder to speed up. You have to be an expert in shot-calling and very accurate to begin with if you want to be competitive in minor without any additional advantage such as the added capacity. (For reference, Revolver minor is an advantage over major because of slow reloads and only 6 rounds in major.) 


Wait until you get back in the game to make sure you want to continue before getting an Open gun. The same advice as if you were starting for the first time. 

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