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Range officer compact recoil spring change


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Wilson flatwire kit works in my 4" Springfield.

The website says it won't because the reverse cup won't fit without lathe work, but my Champion has a factory one that works fine. Not sure what if anything is different about the RO. Pretty sure I've read of people slapping GI guide rods in too.

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I have the RO Elite compacts in 9mm and 45, and like the regular RO, they use a flat wire recoil spring. First, you need to get this guide rod kit from EGW(I'm assuming 9mm)  https://www.egwguns.com/springfield-4-guide-rod-kit-9mm-14-commander-spring-10499 Then you can buy lighter weight flat wire ISMI recoil springs from EGW or direct from ISMI. ISMI doesn't list the flat wire springs on their website, but if you call them, they'll tell you what weight springs they have for the shorter compact guns. That is what I did, got the EGW guide rod kit, and then called ISMI for some lighter weigh springs.

Btw, I find the original factory flat wire spring shoots fine with my lighter reloads in both 9mm and 45. And is great at controlling recoil with heavy HD loads.

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