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Honcho- suggestions for 9mm barrel


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PT offers several 9mm barrel options for their Honcho.  They have multi-comp, single-comp and a sight tracker.  Obviously the multi-comp is for shooting 9-major. Between the other two (sight tracker and single-comp) I'm debating which one will provide the most utility.  It would seem the only USPSA division these would be usable in are limited minor a open minor.  


I've already decided to purchase the .40 sight tracker and 9mm multi-comp barrels.  Now I need to decide on the 3rd barrel. 


Any compelling reason(s) to pick one barrel design over the other?

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The only difference between a 3-port and 1-port comp for steel challenge is weight.  You have additional weight hanging off the end of the barrel with the 3-port.  That may make transitions slightly slower.


I shoot SCSA Open with my 3-port comp, and don't think it makes a difference.  I would go with the 9mm sight block barrel.  It will allow you to shoot lead, poly coated and jacketed bullets; something you don't want to do through a comp.  I've come to the conclusion that a comp is not necessarily a help with minor loads.  A 115gr @ 950fps load works well for SCSA and it is super soft out of a regular barrel.  That's 109 PF.  I have to be up around 135-145 PF for my Open pistol to work reliably, especially in the Winter.  The 109 load out of a standard barrel is softer.  I shot SCSA Open for years with my Limited gun with optic.  This is the first year I've been shooting it with a comp'd barrel.  I don't see a whole lot of difference.  I'm going back to an uncomp'd barrel and lighter loads.

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