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38 Super and SuperComp


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I shoot and reload 40S&W, and it's very simple. I picked up a ton of brass working a sectional, however, and ended up with some 38. I'd like to process it and sell it, but I don't want to misrepresent it. I know the supercomp is its own thing and needs to be separated. However, after reading all the head stamps, I have a mixture of


38 ACP

38 Auto

38 Super

38 Super+P

38 Super Auto

38 Super Auto+P

38 Super RL

38 TJ


Is that all the same thing? Is 38 super the best thing to call all of it? Or does some of it need sorted out because it's a different size?

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38ACP and 38 Auto is trash.  38 Super RL is Armscor brass.  It is not likely anyone will want it.  If you have a bunch of TJ it may sell.  It is similar to 38SC, but with a different rim profile.  All of the rest are 38 Super with varying case capacities.  If you have gobs of the +P it may pay to separate them out and charge a little more.

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