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cz 2075 for IDPA BUG division?


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What do you think of a CZ 2075 for competition in IDPA BUG division? 


The 2075 looks to be the biggest, heaviest gun that fits the BUG box. I really like the build quality of the CZ steel pistols, but I have had very little hands on experience with them and none at all with the 2075.


Decocker or safety?   What needs to be done to make a 2075 'race-ready'? (And yes, I realize that a 2075 is not a race gun.)


Thanks for any insight/advice you might have.

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I shoot IDPA and own a CZ 2075 safety model (not a decocker). 


The gun was purchased directly from Cajun Gun Works with their Pro Package installed and with night sights from CGW. 


I have never used it in BUG division, but think it would be a perfect gun for that game.  Mine is really, really accurate and is used for my EDC pistol.  


Not sure I would make the same recommendation for a box stock pistol, but that is just me.


The safety model allows the shooter to carry the pistol with the hammer down and the safety off or cocked with the safety on, so that model provides a little more versatility if that is important. 

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