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HK SP5??

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Just saw HK will be selling these in the US.  I know it will be an expensive proposition, and the best HK trigger pack won't match my current options, but damn this just sounds like fun and it should be absolutely reliable.  Don't know if there any extended mags/drum options though.  

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I have run an HK94 clone in uspsa before. ETS has 40 round mp5 mags but I’ve got a few original HK 40 rounders that I use. The gun is reliable and worked fine, however the ergonomics aren’t great for mandatory reloads. All in all, it’s a fun gun to run once in a while.

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Man... I’ve always dug MP-5’s and love the way they feel when shooting them (mostly friend’s that are older registered full-auto, and cost as much as a few old sports cars I might like to have instead lol)... That said and besides, I think I’m too spoiled at this point having been able to run great triggers (Hiperfire, Timney) to see them really having any real place as a good modern PCC these days, and that’s not even mentioning their slow quirky reload manual of arms... They’re definitely cool, but their design shows it’s age IMHO if you’re looking at them against an MPX or GMR-15, especially at like $2.5-3k.

Make no mistake though, if I hit the lottery I’d grab 2 so I could dual-wield like in Golden Eye 😜

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