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Finally! HS6 powder 7.8gr


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After a few weeks of trial an error I was able to finally dialed the HS6 powder dro.  I was originally at 8.2gr and it was running pretty hot, than I dropped it down to 8.0gr, followed by 7.9gr than 7/8gr.  I was going to go 7.7gr to see how it works but I've been told to leave it as is for now.  Using a CK Arms open pistol using an 8 lbs recoil spring.  Just ordered a few more springs to play around such as 6lbs, 6 variable, 7lbs and 7 variable...  Dot tracking is ok but not where I would like it to be...  So more work to be done!  


I may give AA#7 a try too~ See attached photo~ 

Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 12.01.19 PM.png

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Dot tracking isnt learned from playing with loads. Its learned from taking buckets and buckets of ammo to the range and playing with any reliable load and your grip.


Playing with loads is just that. Playing around. Stick with something and get to work. Or dont and waste time.

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19 minutes ago, Hi-Power Jack said:


There is some benefit to "playing with loads".


If you can come up with a  load that tracks reliably and settles quickly

and uniformly, it can make it easier and faster to shoot.     :) 


The worst loads can still be tamed by a good grip. Loads literally do not matter. Training with said load is what matters.

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What does distance of 1.00 mean?  Distance to the start screen?  Distance between screens?  Or something else?


That BP looks way out of whack!


When/if possible, you may want to try the loads at a warmer temperature as well.





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