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Clay's flinging brass? 45acp


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I recently started building up new loads for .45 ACP to shoot IPSC here in Canada.  I shoot standard division (170 PF) major out of a 2011 edge.  I have always loaded 200gr plated over 5.3 gr of W231. This load shoots well in the gun, smooth and soft ans just makes PF. so I have been wanting to build up a safer load.  


Recently I have tried a 230gr rn lead, powder coated on top of 4gr of Clay's.  This load felt snappier and was flinging brass about 12 feet away.   I have not had a chance to Chrono yet but is this normal? Or is this load a bit hotter then my recoil spring can handle?

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One, the load is hot for a 230 gr lead bullet. 4 gr clays is the max load recommended by Hodgdon. Normal loads with clays are in the 3.5-3.7 gr.  And the pressure factor of clays will suddenly increase as you approach or exceed max loads.

Two, your recoil spring is light. 14 lb for normal major PF loads. But your loads are probably around 180 pf. 


Usually going from a lighter bullet to a heavier bullet, gives a less snappy feel. But your new load is just the opposite, which indicates something is wrong. Reduce the powder, go to a 14lb spring, and chrono your loads instead of guessing.

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