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Glock big stick mag pouch options

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All last season I used the daa racemasters with glock 33 rounders and sometimes stage depending a  glock 31 with a +10 extension. I used the glock inserts but non pcc length and never had issues. I was also able to use them bullets down (my preferred method) or bullets up. 


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A lot of guys I shoot with run Weber Tactical and love them. I just use my Safariland pouches and have never had any issues. They retain the mags while I'm shooting, and if i have to take off running, I'll just take my off hand and put it on top of the mags on my belt. I should probably upgrade to PCC specific pouch at some point. I have a set of the Comp-tac PCC pouches that I used to run before I switched to an ELS belt, but they don't play nice with the ELS system, so I don't use them anymore. 

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I see some guys using pouches that are nylon with what looks like an elastic cord woven around it.  They look to be pretty deep and ideal, if you can find a way to mount them at the angle you want.  Any idea who makes those?

Also, in my typical fashion of trying to find a cheap workaround, I was thinking a person could pretty easily modify a regular mag pouch to make it deeper.  For instance, you could use a generic Black Scorpion Gear mag pouch (~$9) and cut the bottom so that the mag can pass through.  Then take some webbing or strapping, like from a set of ratchet straps, and create a sort of saddle to stop the mag at whatever depth you desire.  There are screw holes on the front of those mag pouches that the strap could be attached to and the backside could be pinned between the pouch body and belt attachment point.  Voila.  

I'll have to try it and start a thread about it if it works.  I've got 2 boys with a PCC under the Christmas tree that I'll need to get belts set up for, and I don't want to spend a bunch in case they don't love it.   

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So first off......as far as mag pouches go, how many do you really need for PCC? The corect answer is 1 maybe 2, most likely you only need it for classifiers....or a screw up. Or maybe you need it because you are doing a stage that is WAAAAAYYYYY more than 32 rounds or a classifier. In the second case, I'd go weber tactical. They are awesome!! you adjust tension for the amount of movement you are going to do and it's a done deal......big stick, small stick, it's just gonna hold them in place, period. In the first case....classifiers...or stand and shoot, you want something that is going to hold your mag and is easy to retrieve.....and there is NOTHING on the planet that is going to do it better, cheaper and easier than this:  https://taccom3g.com/product/6up-quick-caddy-mg/


Designed to hold shotgun shells.....it's actually double duty and will hold the GLOCK factory magazines very well and the grab is better than anythign out there on the market today.....and less than $40.00? try it and you will be a believer!!!

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I got these off ebay. The deep mag pouch was $13 shipped, and the base pads are $10 shipped. I think they will work great. The base pads are like TTI, with the rod and set screw.

I found that to get the tension right on the rod in a foolproof way, cut a little chunk of rubber off a shoe or something, remove the set screw and stick the rubber down the threaded hole. Then put blue loctite on the set screw and screw it in. Instead of being and 1/8 turn of the set screw away from losing the rod, you have a lot of play. The rubber holds it in place tight, but it is still movable. cd76036f57c2e4e8931bdd83f32299a2.jpg

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I have a couple of the DAA race masters with the PCC extension for "big stick" mags - they're awesome!  These are the aluminum versions, I haven't tried the polymer versions.  Kinda pricey though.  Tried Ghost - so-so, Coda - mine was defective and company never responded.  Also have a Comp-Tac that is pretty good but not in a league with the DAA.


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