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PT Honcho Questions

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A few questions for those in the know....emailed them today but maybe a few can help here.


1) do any mags come with the Race Ready or Shop?

2) can any custom (even just leaving slide and frame bare steel with a clear coating) work be done?

3) if I would purchase a Race Shop in 38SC and 40 only,  then decide later I wanted a 9mm Major barrel, this be done?

4) if I would purchased a Race Shop, able to buy 2 38SC barrels and a 40?


Thanks all, appreciate it.


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1) None with Race ready.

2) Wait for reply from PT bc they recently added new finish options very recently. I have seen some “in the raw”.


3) Yes 9mm barrel can be added later on but they will want you to send the gun in for fitting. You could possibly request to fit it yourself if you knew how to do that but I would bet they would suggest you send it in to keep the integrity of the final product.


4) Yes. You could buy 10 38sc barrels if you wanted. I think the better question is if you get the Race Ready then could you substitute the 9mm comp barrel for a second 38sc barrel and I assume the answer is yes but best to ask them. This would be good if someone only shot 38sc or 9mm and had them swap out the barrel you won’t use. 

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Thanks...slapped a deposit down on a Race shop.......

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