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.40 brass availability

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15 hours ago, mach1soldier said:

It’s still out there. What is a legit quantity? 

PRecision delta was selling it for 25 per k. 


This. It's on sale till midnight. Use code BF19.  $25/1000 shipped. 



There's plenty of .40 brass out there. A little birdie told me PD has quite a bit. ;) 

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As more and more Law Enforcement move to 9 form 40 I think we will start to see 40 drying up but I think it will be a very long time until for turns into the next 38 supper.  I also think any market there is for 9mm will have the bottom fall out of it.  For the second year in a row I bought all the brass my local range could not sell to members for just over scrap and only got 5 lbs of 40 but got 100lbs of 9mm

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42 minutes ago, konkapot said:

LE is not switching away from .40 all at once. 


There are probably 18,000 police departments nationwide......there's gonna be .40 brass around for a long time to come. 

This is true to a point but 3 years ago in my area the only large city PD, state DOC, sheriffs office, troopers, game and fish all carried 40. As of today the troopers and us at the sheriffs office are the only ones using 40 and we are going to 9 as soon as the dealer that won the bid can get 85 glock 17 and 30 glock 19 delivered to us.  The troopers just got new guns a few years ago so they my stay with 40 for a bit longer.  


5 to 10 years  and 40 will be all but dead in LE

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Agreed but remember we are talking about fired brass which will still be around for some time....long after an agency switches their brass lives on. If 5-10 years is correct the brass should still be around for a bit longer. 

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@shred. I agree I just think the cheep brass will be gone but as long as limited is around 40 will not totally die.  One other to thing to consider is that all the old LE guns are floating around one the second hand market.  I have picked up 2 Glock 22s for 250.00 for cheep house guns.  So there will be some demand but price will be going up.


@konkapot. True it will be around but I'm already seeing people hord it and I resell all the range brass from my local public range and 3 years ago I was getting 3 to 1 9 to 40 by weight. This year I got 105 lbs of 9 and 8 lbs of 40. So it seems to be dropping fast.

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