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Springs for a STI Trojan 9mm

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I have  9mm Trojan that's ready for new springs.  Can anyone recommend a good set up for USPSA single stack minor. I have been  and running reloading147 gr Extreme with 3.2 gn of titegroup in my cz and would like to stick to this recipe. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 

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Since every gun and load are slightly different, you may have to play around with springs.

But in my STI single stack I run a 8 lb recoil and 15 lb main. YMMV

Opinions will vary too.

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Thanks again for the feedback. 

Heres were I'm at. 15 lbs main spring (everything goes bang) 10 lbs with a new Dawson Precision capture guide rod. This set up has helped, but I still have reliable issues with feeding and ejecting. I am going to look at the extractor next. Has anyone found their extractor to be the problem with reliable issues with the Trojan? Thanks in advance for additional feedback. This has been fascinating for me because the gun ran great for a couple years. 

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