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Draw - Strong Hand Index and Movement

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While working on speed for "draw to acceptable sight picture" and pushing the limit a bit, I noticed that if my strong hand moves laterally during the draw I get less consistency in the initial purchase on the grip, as well as getting slightly inconsistent timing that might affect the support hand when completing the two handed grip. 


So, I experimented with having my strong hand slightly forward, and grabbing the gun by going "over the front." This way my whole arm doesn't move laterally at all, while my hand is still in the same position (relative to the arm) as during the draw that goes "over the side." This way I am not relearning the complete draw, just modifying how the hand gets to the grip. It seems that I am now getting more grip consistency when really pushing the limit. 


Anyone else experimented with this and can provide any empirical data of why/why not go "over the hammer" during the draw? It seems that it might be a slightly longer travel, but on the other hand it's just the thumb that goes "over the hammer." Trying to make sure I'm not doing something wrong here that I might regret later. 

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