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38 super comp and 9mm on dillon 650

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3 minutes ago, Hi-Power Jack said:

I hate to be "that guy", but you should have stayed with 9mm Major and Minor -

very easy to change back and forth.   :) 

With 2 toolheads it is literally a 1 minute change between 9 and 38SC

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Just started to load 38 Super Comp on my 650.  I found the same shell plate and pins (#5 and #3) I use for 9mm work fine for Super Comp. 800 rounds so far with no problems. YMMV.

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On 1/9/2020 at 5:44 AM, earthshine402 said:

The only thing I change to load 38SC is a .223 shell plate, and of course the toolhead with appropriate dies.

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Thanks, I do have a 223 setup so the shell plate wont be an issue. 


I was more talking about which sizing die seat die etc do people prefer. what load are you running? 



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1.  Redding dual ring carbide sizing die

2.  Mbf powder funnel

3. mbf

4. Redding seating die with micrometer

5. Redding taper crimp die


Shooters world major pistol 10.6 g 1.240”

124g Everglades JHP v2

CCI srp

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