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Evolve or die seems to be the way 3-gun,2-gun, UML, falling steel etc. is going with the shortage of ammo. Several of our local matches(Non-USPSA) are allowing .22's in place of pcc, as a 2nd gun, or just a division by itself depending on the match. Those that have plenty of regular ammo can shoot their usual division, but if you still want to shoot and have 22 it is being allowed. I think this is a good thing. Who knows how long this nonsense will last.



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9 hours ago, outerlimits said:

The recession is now starting as a result of ammo.  Shotgun shells are the new unicorn.

This is very true, mostly. It's a pain in the ass, but, shotshells are becoming available in some local stores, 1 or 2 box a day limit. They are easier to find than primers. 

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On 3/7/2021 at 11:56 AM, mpeltier said:

If competitive shooting, 3-gun, USPSA etc were like this when I attended my first match well over 20 yrs ago......I would never have attended a second match.

Ditto. I've tried some handicap scored shooting sports. Once.

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On 3/6/2021 at 11:15 AM, Rockrover said:

I’ve hear it said many times;  “just come and bring what you got”, and “Just don’t DQ and you’ll have fun”.  “You won’t win, but try and learn”.


How can one get motivation amongst the squads?  Get the game competitive again.


It will never be “fun” for a beginner/intermediate to be paired up with guy’s who rip up the course every weekend.  There’s got to be reward early if you want them coming back.

I started USPSA in 2018 because it sounded like fun and I wanted to get better with my carry gun.

I wasn't at the very bottom of the scoring, but I was not far from being at the bottom of the heap(especially considering how much I had been "practicing" before then), and I'm still coming back. Partly because I had fun, and partly because I saw how much I could grow.


If somebody is going to leave because they aren't winning locals, I think that's a healthy thing for the sport - that particular mindset isn't helpful.
If you don't like where you finish, and aren't striving to get closer to your goal, that's not good.

A healthier mindset might be to compare your performance to yourself over time(I couldn't shoot on the move, but now I can. I had trouble with long range targets, but now I don't, etc).

I started in order to have fun and get better, and I've been making progress with that, so despite normally landing about halfway down the standings, I keep competing. If I wanted to win matches, that would require a number of sacrifices I'm not willing to make. And I'm ok with that.

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On the general topic of multigun, I enjoy the shotgun, though I get that it isn't for everyone and isn't really that "tactical". That said, the matches I've attended have had 2-gun divisions, which is definitely more "practical".


In regards to ammo shortages, at least one match near me had the option to run .22 LR pistols or carbines, which sounds like a blast, especially if you can't get centerfire cartridges or components.

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