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Cleaning ULW Shrouded Barrels

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Cleaning the UW barrel shroud. While we at TACCOM do not reccommend that you use cast or poly coated 9mm bullets in our ULW barrels.....you actually can!!! Cleaning that pesky lead or plastic out can be a pain if you don't know how to do it. Some of our customers have done the following and it works great!!! You get a piece of 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC pipe and cut it to 15" long or so.....then on one end, cut teeth in with a knife, side nipper or dremel cutting wheel (as shown). and then slip the pipe down the shroud....it just fits in and with a twisting motion work your way down till it stops. Then spray the inside with a coating of WD40 to making cleaning even easier!! Whats nice is that with the pipe being hollow, you will not damage the crown of the barrel and if you keep after it, you'll have many, many years of shooting with the TACCOM ULW barrel and poly coated bullets.


I do believe that the JP LW barrel is also the same ID as the TACCOM, so this will work for those as well......cleaning just in the window area is NOT enough when using polycoated bullets.


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