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Going twice


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So, these are the rules ChuckS referenced-


"6.2.4 Subject to the prior approval of the Match Director, a competitor may enter a match in more than one Division. However, the competitor may compete for match score in only one Division, and that must be the first attempt in all cases. Any subsequent attempts in another Division will not count for match recognition. Level I matches may allow competitors to enter multiple Divisions for match recognition.

6.2.5 Where a Division is unavailable or deleted, or where a competitor fails to declare a specific Division prior to the commencement of a match, the competitor will be placed in the Division which, in the opinion of the Range Master, most closely identifies with the competitor’s equipment. If, in the opinion of the Range Master, no suitable Division is available, the competitor will shoot the match for no score. However, if a competitor fails to satisfy the equipment or other requirements of a declared handgun Division during a course of fire, the competitor will be placed in Open Division, if available, otherwise the competitor will shoot the match for no score. If a competitor fails to satisfy the equipment or other requirements for PCC or Open Division during the course of fire, he will shoot for no score.

6.2.6 A match disqualification incurred by a competitor, at any time during a match, will prevent the competitor from further participation in the match including any subsequent attempts in another Division. However, this is not retroactive. Any previous and complete match scores from another Division will be included for recognition and awards in that Division." 


Still not super clear. Yes I can do it, but not be recognized? Does that mean not scored? Or, just not awarded a prize (as if!)? Rule seems to say the exact opposite of 6.2.4, which is exactly why i asked the question here. Let me ask it again; can I shoot both and have two scores to look at at the end? I am a newby who just DQ'ed out of my first match (broke 180 rule during reload while moving to my left, stupid me) and loved the two stages I got to shoot and want to do this MUCH more. So, double the money, double the fun!

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Possible, but check with the MD before you do it.


I did it ONE time - shot OPEN and LIMITED - unfortunately, it was a small (7 shooters)

squad and there was no time to do Anything besides shoot, switch gear, shoot, move,

load mags, shoot, switch gear, etc etc etc.




And, I had not checked with the MD and he never sent me the results of one of the two

shoots despite me asking couple times.   


Guess he didn't agree that we should be able to shoot twice.    :( 


Just frustrating, and I never tried it again.

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We try to persuade folks not to do it.  In my view, most people become a burden to the remainder of the squad when they shoot 2 divisions. Consider this... at least 1 shooter before your turn, you dont help tape or reset, during your turn & at least 1 shooter after you dont help.  Then Maybe you only sit out 1 shooter before your next gun plus as you shoot & probably at least 1 shooter after you dont help.  If youre a real go getter, maybe you fill in all the other turns helping but most... not all but most people shooting 2 guns hardly have time to help for a couple of shooters on their squad between all the changing guns & stuff.  This means the rest of the squad is doing your work for you in this volunteer sport.  I dont think its really fair to the rest of the squad.  If you have 3 folks in 1 squad of 10 shooters shooting 2 guns, that basically leaves the other 4 people to do everything for those 3 people...

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I have shooters request to run multiple divisions at my matches, and generally I will allow it if I can bias the squad appropriately, i.e. make it a larger squad on paper so we have the same number of people helping reset and paste. The least interference with match flow has shown to be a shooter in a handgun division that also shoots PCC; there is generally less of a gear changeover in my experience.

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On 10/29/2019 at 8:25 PM, Russty said:

Could I pay the entrance fee twice and shoot in two divisions (Limited 10 and Production) with two different guns in one USPSA match? I know that if I DQ on one I'd be gone in both. 

The only limitation at my club on such matters is that you shoot the fastest firearm first.  Say you signed-up for Open and Single-Stack.  You have to shoot Open first.

The reason is that too many very fast, Open shooters were using other classes to warm-up on each stage.

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