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I absolutely love Chinese food.


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12 minutes ago, Hi-Power Jack said:

Then it's NOT authentic.     :surprise:


Accept no substitutes.  Bet you don't use MSG, either.     😇


I learned from one of the greatest Chinese chefs. Ken Hom. He has his own cookbook.

101 Ways to Wok Your Dog.


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You should go talk to those two nuns from the Vatican that came to NYC for a week. They talked about eating a hot dog for the first time the entire flight. Took a cab downtown, found a street vendor and both got hot dogs with everything. The senior sister looked at it suspiciously and asked her junior, "What part did YOU get?"

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Grew up in korea, best food was from the dingy "food court" in the outdoor market. Concrete tables and benchs, grandmas cooking, moms cooking, kids doing the dishes. no fridges, just salt and maybe some ice. MMMMmmmm soon dae guk, aka korean pig soup. watch her cook it 2 feet from you, yea your outside, yea roaches on the floor and flies flying around but DANG that was some good food.... would NEVER fly here.


talking about weird names for food, my local udon cafe has this. I know its spelled a little different but no way id try it lol.





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