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I just built and ran a cheap cmmg upper with parts I had on hand. Went with the 8.5" barrel and a taccom barrel extension for full 16" length. 30 round endo mags ran perfect and have seen too many people struggle with their homemade builds on dedicated lowers with stick and glock mags that are extended. Now just playing with buffer weight.  Currently have standard AR buffer but have one of each weight up to try and see if the recoil is better. Holosun 510 green dot for optic.

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Many people seem to prefer their CMMG RDB short stroked with a Blitzkrieg/Kynshot 5005 buffer and 308 carbine spring, preferably JP polished, running 135-140 PF ammo. Optimal setup might vary, depending on your load and barrel length.


I run my 16" CMMG short stroked with a Kynshot 5004 buffer, which is slightly shorter, weight is pretty much the same as 5005. The 5005 was out of stock when I ordered. My setup gives a little more pre-load on the spring. No idea what is better, 5005 or 5004, I haven't compared them. It's night and day compared to a bone-stock CMMG 16", though! Softer recoil and much less dot movement.

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