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CZ Shadow Sp-01 - Brass Scales? Opinions?

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Was looking to try some new grips on my SP-01 and ran across the idea of adding the heavy brass Scales 2.0. I love the heft of my Shadow 2 but of course balance will be quite different, I do like the idea of widening out the grip, as well, however. Anyone try them? Thoughts?

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18 hours ago, zen_grasshopper said:

If you like the Scale grips, the brass is worth it to me. 

I have the brass Scales on the 75 Shadow and really like how the gun balances now. The balance point of the unloaded gun seems to be just in front of the mag release. When loaded it feels like all the weight is carried between my palms.


The S2 with lighter Lok grips on the other hand, seems to balance on the front edge of the trigger guard when unloaded. There's a subjective feeling of dragging the nose of the gun around in wide transitions. 


I also really like the width of the gun with Scales grips. The extra width is pretty low on the grip so it doesn't interfere with my stubby finger's ability to reach the trigger in DA, but it still spreads the recoil through my whole palm. Very narrow guns sometimes feel more violent at the same PF because they wedge themselves deeper into my hand with each shot.


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