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9mm magazines and Limcat steel grip


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Hi everyone,


I recently put together a toy of sorts. I put a Limcat steel grip on my STI 4.0 Tactical. Picture so the thread isn't useless.




Anyway, on to actual questions. My gen 1 STI 9mm mags work great with the grip. They drop free easily and engage the magazine catch fully. When the grip was on my 40SW Limited gun, I had zero issues with SV 40SW mags, STI gen 1 mags, and MBX gen 1 and 2 mags. Same magazine catch.


A friend's Atlas tuned Gen 2 STI mags seemed to get stuck just a few millimeters short of the magazine catch. I only tried two of them. They did not engage the magazine catch, and did not drop free.


What am I missing? The differences between 9mm and 40SW setup are as follows:

MSH is different. Factory STI polymer. 

Trigger is different. Factory STI polymer.

Grip bushings are different. Factory STI.

Frame is... Obviously different.


Should I blame his magazines? Blame my grip bushings? Gen 2 dimensions are significantly different? 

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It's the magazines. The gen 1 STI mags have a larger angle at the nose than gen 2 and won't get jammed at the top of the magazine. I had a similar issue with 140 mm mbx mags  and gen 2 STI magsin an Infinity Open gun.

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Sometimes mags hit the frame and sometimes they're too big front to back for the grip. Before enlarging mag catch I reshape the mag until it fits properly and clears everything. If you enlarge the mag catch hole the mag will sit lower which may be needed but once done, no going back.

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