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Low power load for Bullseye powder and 230 LRN?


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My Load for my 45  230gr lead was 4.2 Bullseye it ran my 1911 just fine . But my recoil spring was heavier . I would make some test rounds first to see if it works the gun and see if she can handle it and go from there .

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Bullseye powder at low pressure is dirty as hell. Original CMP/EIC 230gr ball specs called for 5 grains of Bullseye at 850fps. Match ball is typically loaded at 800-820fps for better accuracy. But even that little bit of pressure reduction gives more fouling. Below that and it gets downright filthy. Sure, it's accurate powder. But you can do just as well if not better with more modern stuff.


4.9 - 5.8 WW-231
5.7 AA #2
8.0 AA #5
5.9 Unique
8.2 HS-6
4.7 TiteGroup
4.6 Bullseye
3.7-4.5 WST
6.4 WSF
8.0 Silhouette
9.9 Bluedot
3.9-4.9? E3


All of these are winners. But if you want the softest possible load, go with the last one. E3 is softer than anything.

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Absocold, thanks! My main reason for using Bullseye is that I have a bit of it and it's been sitting around for a while. Trying to clear the shelf for the training loads. With straight lead bullets, I'll be cleaning the gun pretty often anyway.  :)


Down the road, though, I want to move to a less smoky powder. For fast shots at multiple targets, some times I can't see the paper through the cloud!

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