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Consciously or not we are affected by rate of fire of other shooters

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This emphasizes the importance of shooting at the speed of sight [emoji4] 
At the moment of shooting a match, our job is to call our shots, that's it.
The time to get fast was in dry fire. You aren't going to reliably get faster in a match.
The only thing you can reliably do in a match is shoot at your current level of skill.
So if we shoot what we can see, then we don't have to worry about what other shooters did.
A related mistake is shoot according to the cadence that you hear. That doesn't work either. Vision travels faster than hearing. So, although it's tempting and our mind loves rhythm, we shoot better if we shoot to what we see rather than what we hear.

I have a feeling you’re an Anderson fan [emoji848]

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I used to fall in this category when I was a younger shooter, but now totally agree with shootmove's statement.  I learned it from the one and only Jerry M, he said you can only shoot as fast as you can see what you need to see.   Your eyes and sights are your speed control.  And even though I knew that and it made sense it was so hard to execute it.  So I tried to incorporate this in my dry fire sessions with different drills and focus on your sights and seeing.  That helped out in a number of other ways also, but I recommend you work on seeing and reacting to what you see, don't force it, if you do, you will crash and burn. 

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In an ideal world, no we shouldn’t pace ourselves against others. Recently I’ve been scoring in the top bracket locally, I find that sometimes I need to know where I should be pushing myself. Sometimes I’m too conservative, sometimes I’m too aggressive. Shooting with a GM who really knows the stages and skill levels can actually help you pace your own shooting accordingly.

As much as new shooters don’t want to believe it, this is an athletic speed game. You DO need to be as fast and precise as your competitors, both in shooting and physically.

When I first got into the sport I had a mental wall that wouldn’t allow me to physically run, just the dainty skipping around new shooters do. And I sure couldn’t shoot fast.
So, all I did was speed up. I did everything as fast as I possibly could. Even the shooting.
Eventually my shooting skill caught up to the running. Still sloppy but people forget that this sport is like 50% sprinting.

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I did this a few years ago shooting 3 gun with a bunch of guys who were really, really good.  


The stage was very shotgun heavy, with most arrays being 6-8 clays side by side.  Their splits on these arrays were crazy, without any misses.  


For whatever reason, I subconsciously emulated those same splits.  The result:  I literally missed half the clays lol.  It was one of those lessons that I won't forget.  


Before I shoot a stage, as I'm making ready I tell myself that I need to see my sights before pulling the trigger.  It works most of the time, which is all I can ask for lol.  

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