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Glock Trigger & Connector Mapping. Data for Trigger Nerds!


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After seeing reviews of Glock triggers and parts that all pretty much sound the same: "Here's the weight, it feels good, the break is crisp, clean reset, etc" I figured it was time to get some empirical data. I built a rig that pulls the trigger in .0125mm increments and takes pressure readings with a loadcell.

I mapped a stock trigger first, then swapped in an Apex striker block, a 6# competition trigger spring, and Wolff 5# & 4.5# striker springs. Then I swapped in an Apex, Overwatch Precision Falx, and Agency Arms trigger all with a standard connector and posted the results to Youtube. Unfortunately I didn't have a "minus" connector to test.

Obviously I'm not an "influencer", just a guy who likes to nerd out on data, so I'm not as entertaining as some other personalities. But my hope is that someone can look at the readings and better narrow down what trigger is best for them. 

My trigger data is posted here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MeqK-89UxeEVOVsLy0pYuygG3gbFfP0R

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On 10/23/2019 at 9:43 PM, Paul49 said:

Outstanding work. 


Have you had the opportunity to test more than one trigger by the same maker to see how consistent they are from one to the next?

Not enough money, time, or motivation to be honest.  The problem is that the factory trigger bar edges are pretty rough from the stamping process.  I'd have to install multiple triggers on the same trigger bar for a true consistency test, but unless I also get an aluminum/steel framed Glock, the flex in the polymer frame and rail creates enough error to make it not worth the effort.  

Now, if someone wants to send me a ZEV OZ9 frame and $1000 worth of triggers I'd be more than happy to do it. 😉

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This is amazing! What beautiful data and plots. Your commentary on the plots in the YouTube videos was insightful. Those videos are infinitely superior to the standard bulls#!t inane reviews that we all have to suffer through while trying to research gun stuff. 

For comparison I think it would be really interesting to put a good 2011 trigger on your test jig. This would provide empirical data to demonstrate to everyone about the inherent differences between the trigger feel of these designs. 

Trigger manufacturers should be beating down your door (or running in fear) to have you analyze their trigger pressure/position profiles. Clearly that isn't happening because no one knows about this. 

Congratulations on your engineering analysis. 

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