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dovetail adapter plate for Venom on Advantage Arms .22lr conversion

Les Snyder

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I've recently started shooting Carry Optics for Steel Challenge, and wanted to duplicate the sight picture with my .22lr Advantage Arms practice upper (G17 with Apex trigger)... installed a DPP 7075-T6  dovetail adapter plate for a spare Venom... the added weight puts the already marginal function combination at risk... it does make you hold the pistol securely... I removed the end retainer of the captured factory spring to give the spring a little more travel... the original spring wire is .033".... I replaced it with a .0355" wire of the same length in an attempt to return it to battery better, but could not get it to cycle when  shortening it at the range, coil at a time... I get better function (nearly 100 per cent) if the magazines are downloaded to 5 round to lessen the drag on the slide...other than milling away some  weight do any of you have a suggestion?...ammo is CCI Blazer that works well in my SW M41 and my AR .22lr uppers... thank you


Les Snyder


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