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Funny how perceptions of performance are often wrong


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Shot a classifier match this last weekend. Took a break from Revo and went back to Limited where I had my highest classifiers. Been shooting around 30% so expectations were not to class up but to improve my average (and drop off some low ones). It was also on my birthday (the big six oh), so a festive relaxed day overall. Result: mission accomplished. All four classifiers were higher than my previous high. Biggest surprise - the classifier I did the best on (39%) was a standard that I missed the mag reaching for a reload and forgot my stage plan mid-string. Thought for sure I was a tanking that one. The worse score was on one that I felt best about as I had shot it all alphas. The RO in on that one noted I could have improved my score by pushing the gas a little and taking a couple Charlies (since I'm shooting major). But, I followed the number 1 rule: I HAD FUN.

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On 10/16/2019 at 6:39 PM, Hi-Power Jack said:


How long have you been "having fun" ?

😂  a few years ago this would have been a popcorn thread that went on forever!🍿

I took time off from competition and I still stink but I love this question lol

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