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147gr 9mm IbejiHeads loadout


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Im sort of new to IDPA shooting. Joined back in 2013 and shot maybe 3-5 matches and work scheduling didn’t allow me to make matches but now just started back up last month. I’m shooting a Glock 17 Gen 5 in carry optics and have someone willing to reload for me. I have acquired a pack of 1000 IbejiHeads 147gr. flat point coated bullets to load and basically have all the 9mm once fired brass I can get from my police academy. Has anyone loaded these specific bullets with Titegroup? If so, what is your load out and COL for 125-130 PF.


From some research I was considering something like below and test from there for an acceptable PF and see how they shoot:

3.2 - 3.4gr Titegroup

1.130 - 1.135 COL, .377 crimp


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What you're suggesting should be fine provided they plunk.  The Gen 5 has a shorter leade than the Gen 4 or 3.  Although I don't run a Glock, I've loaded those 147 gr Ibejiheads sized 0.356" at 1.125"-1.130" with 3.1 gr Titegroup and it gives me 131-132 PF thru a 4.5" barrel and about a 3" x 3" 10-shot group at 25 yds.  This was in 75-80 degree weather so if it's colder you'll lose some velocity with Titegroup.  You can order Ibejiheads in different sizes.  I crimp around 0.379" and call it good for all sizes.

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- 3.1gr of Titegroup should make PF.


- No one can provide you with an OAL, you must always determine your own based on the bullet/barrel/magazine combo.


- How to determine OAL: https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=34225.msg189131#msg189131 (If your bullet doesn't easily collapse just use the seating die to shorten the OAL incrementally until it plunks)


- Plunk test:



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9 hours ago, Sam-ETS said:

I have someone willing to reload for me. I have 1000 IbejiHeads 147gr. flat point coated bullets


When your friend loads some for you, I'd ask him/her to load you up just 20 or 40 of them

and test them out in your gun.  Check mostly for feeding, but also for velocity and accuracy.    :) 

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