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Broken lock bolt on main cam? D1050

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Anyone else have this happen?   I found a half a button head bolt on the bench on the left side of the press.   Went looking for what was missing a bolt and discovered it was the main center cam cap locking bolt.   The other half is stuck in the cam center.  


No event, pop or anything out of normal, just found it laying there.  Maybe 18 months old press. 


Anyone have this happen?   Success backing the broken nub out?  




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Yes, i had it happen,  iirc i got it out pretty easy, was a few years back. Installed a new bolt and even when cleaned the threads and used locktight, it came loose again. They get loose and then break so i installed the locking system from Level 10 Innovations and never had any more issues .

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Ah so if it gets loose it can break it.    Rodger that.   Ok Level 10 lock system ordered for both of my 1050s.   Will take apart the press tonight and start the broken bolt extraction process. 


If this happens so much I wonder why such a small bolt was used.  That shaft could support a 1/2"-20 bolt threaded into it easy.   Might still get loose but would not snap off. 

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Level 10 lock arrived quickly.   Tore down my 1050 and removed the center shaft.   Used a 1/6" drill bit to put a small pilot hole in the broken bolt before using the reverse drill bit.   As soon at the 1/6" bit started a decent hole, the whole broken bolt spun down on the threads.   Ok its loose.   Popped in the reverse drill bit , it bit and spun the broken bolt out with no effort. 


Well the original Dillion factory installed bolt did not have any LocTite on it.  No wonder it backed out and broke!  (assembled on a Friday prob)  Re-assembled with fresh grease and installed the Level 10 lock bolt easy.  I ordered two of them so I can preemptively install on my other 1050.   Well that one has the bolt LOCKED in.  I am going to assume this one was a Tuesday assembly and got the factory thread lock.   Any more pressure and I prob would have broken the allen wrench.   Figured its in solid so will keep an eye on it and swap in the lock system if it starts to move.   Rather spend time reloading than heating bolts that are working up to brake them free from the thread locker they have. 


Bolt fresh from shaft, no thread locker. 


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