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Magnifier Mount that goes to the left

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i am left eye dominate and looking to get a magnifier for my red dot. Are there any quality mounts that flip to the left or are ambi. I was hoping not to have to drop a ton on an Aimpoint magnifier. Are the Sig magnifier mounts ambi?




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 I thought I needed a 3x magnifier, so I got either a PA or a PSA to try. Thumb release flips left which I didn’t like, so I reversed the scope in the mount and switched the mount around so it is index finger release and flips right.


And after trying for a bit, I thought “magnifiers are heavy, get in the way, and are mostly dumb,” so I either put a scope or a red dot on the rifle, and the magnifier sits in the safe. IMHO, a 1-4x or 1-6x scope with a good reticle, maybe with a small reflex dot mounted somewhere, makes more sense for do-everything attempts. 

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LaRue mount could be switched to left side as long as there's enough room between the magnifier and red dot to push the magnifier forward to active the flip to side. Its listed for Aimpoint and Hendsoldt magnifiers, but it will probably fit others with the same diameter. 



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