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Glock 40 cal followers


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Alright so apparently there is 2 style of followers new style and old style, I order 3 new style from Glock store cause that’s what I thought mine was but I’m unsure of what’s going on. Been having feeding malfunctions so I ordered MBX 140mm springs and new followers as I’m putting in the followers I notice they are not coming up as far as the old followers and can’t figure out, can some one explain what’s going on here 


this is what Glock store stays 


***Old Version - Magazine Follower for .40 original style - marked .40 & 5 - fits ONLY mags factory-supplied w/ "5" or earlier followers and also .40 10-rd G22-G35 mags w/ flat inside guide ribs only - marked .40 & 5

New Version - Magazine Follower for .40 cap-style - marked .40 & 9 - fits mags factory-supplied w/ "6", "7", "8" or "9" Followers****


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I have dozens of OEM Glock mags, going back to the early 1990s (pre-ban). 


I think there are WAY more than 2 different followers out there.


What's wrong with your followers?  I've never changed mine.  It's not like they wear out...

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