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Safariland 7377 vs 7395 for full size pistol


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One is a "low ride duty" holster (7395) and one is "concealment belt slide" holster (7377). Main difference seems to be the attachment style. The mold appears to be the same on their site, the demo gun looks the same in both holsters, yet the 7377 states it works with full size style 1911's (Colt Commander 5", but no Springfield's, RIA, etc), Beretta 92FS, Glock19/23/17/21, etc and the 7395 states Beretta 92FS, Glock19/23/17/21 (but no 1911's, etc).

Would an SP-01 or 75b fit in either of these? When the fit includes 92FS, it's hard to believe a similar sized pistol won't fit right. Also hoping it would fit a Springfield XD-9/40 since it works with similar sized glocks. Guess I'm just confused as to why similar looking holsters that state to fit some similar guns, but then other guns are missing from one/both for whatever reason.

I really want the full coverage of the 7395/7377 holster (vs 7378 lower cut on the outside). Any thoughts has anyone tried it?



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The 1911 version will fit the majority of the 1911 guns out there regardless of brand as they are pretty much the same, the difference maybe a rail or similar. For the XD unfortunately you might have to buy before you try. 

Best bet is to use the Safariland gun chart

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