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MOS vs milled slide


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I am working on a G17 for a carry gun and maybe play in CO. I have seen multiple videos and posts online about the threads not being that great in the MOS guns and that its better to get a regular and have the slide milled. I don't have a whole lot of experience with glocks so any feedback or personal experience stories would be appreciated.

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I have a gen 3 with a milled slide that I had done WAY back before red dots were all rage. They are WAY better at milling slides now than they were back then. That being said, still holds zero, works good, last long time.


I also have a Brownells milled slide (Gen 3). It too is awesome.


I also have a Gen 5 G17 MOS FS. It is far and away the best factory Glock I’ve ever handled. I’m shooting CO optics with a DPP and I absolutely love it! Haven’t done a thing too it. Still completely stock.


I think the 1st gen MOS systems may have had some bugs, but I think at this point they are all pretty well ironed out and the MOS is a great system.


Point being, I don’t think you go wrong at this point with any option. But for pure simplicity sake if I was buying a Glock for CO I’d get a Gen 5 MOS FS either 17 or 34. No question.



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If you go milled, you're committed to one dot foot print.  That's something to think about.  


I shoot MOS. Yes there's a chance the plate.can come loose.  I've had it happen. I still prefer the plate. 


I also don't care about dot height due to the plate adding extra hieght. Some seem to worry about that. I don't. The guys winning CO are using plate systems. So,..... I'd guess they don't worry about it either. Plate is just easier. 



Saying that, direct milled isn't bad if you don't mind having less options to change the dot down the road. 

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I prefer the MOS, and have about 12,000 rounds thru my G34. The only dot issue I've had is around the 5,000 mark, it started to come loose. Fortunately it was during practice so I was able to take it completely apart and put new screws in with liberal application of blue loctite. No issues since.


The nice thing about the MOS is that you have multiple dot options and factory support from Glock. It's also more cost effective than custom work. Getting it milled is just another aftermarket variable that could introduce problems if done improperly. That being said there are plenty of reputable companies out there if that's the route you pick. 

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