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JP ULW barrel shroud dimensions?

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Does anyone have easy access to the new JP ULW barrel / shroud?  I broke down and ordered a new upper to add to the collection.

I was thinking of trying out a Smoke Composite handguard for it - and thankfully I tend to overanalyze things and realized that with the compensator holes on the shroud, it is not as straightforward to order a new handguard.


I guess I can wait until I get it but I am impatient.  : p


Can a good Samaritan measure some dimensions for me?


1.  The distance between the front of the upper receiver and the rearmost comp cutout?

2.  The diameter of the shroud?

3.  Though inconvenient, unless you're in between cleanings or have an uninstalled barrel, the diameter of the JP "cleaning gate" near the barrel nut?


Much appreciation in advance.

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Somebody on the B&S forum here has an ultralight barrel for sale. You might pm him for the specs. I saw it last night.

FWIW, I have the smoke handguard on my JP and I really like it. I have the pcc version. It is a little smaller than the AR version.

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