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Do companies pay royalties to produce 10/22 Compatible Receivers and Magazines?

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Obviously one could not exactly clone Ruger's design without getting into legal problems. But given the growing number of 10/22 receivers and magazines -- and rifles for that matter, I'm curious if such companies (e.g. Brownells BRN-22, Volquartsen, Magnum Research, Tactical Innovations, Tactical Solutions, Champion Range & Target, etc.) actually pay any royalties to Ruger for what they produce based on the 10/22?

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LOL!  The patents have expired so they are free to copy the design.  Several of the companies you listed made significant enough changes to the design they would not have been required to pay royalties even before the patent expired.


And before you ask, ditto for the 1911, 2011, AR15, and AK47.



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