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Gold Team stroke -simple?


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I have read all on here and other places about the +/- of stroking.  So I like to tinker, and as a guy on here known as Apolo has suggested, it might be fun.  Question; it appears due to the design of the Tanfo, all that needs to be done is remove a set amount (still undecided) from the rear of the quide rod tunnel rear (where it stops on the frame during recoil).  Does anyone know anything else that has to change, other than recoil spring length?


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1 hour ago, MikeBurgess said:

Yes, just remove material from the back of the tunnel nothing else but check for coil bind is necessary. I would make sure the cut has a radius where it meets the slide so I would not induce a stress riser. 


Thanks.  I assume that radius to be the same as the original tunnel.

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5 hours ago, jcc7x7 said:

I had one with .250, used stock 2 springs if I remember correctly.

Don't think it made a lot of difference.



That was my old gun and yes i stroked it by .250. i used stock 2 springs and they had to be cut so they didnt bind. I also dont think it made much of a difference myself. 

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