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Switching hands


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Hi all, well in a short note, I’m a cross dominate shooter...right hand left eye.... but recently I’m faced with some physical issues. Arthritis in my wrist 

joint; which I have had surgery on... its been almost 12 weeks now and still sore and minimal grip strength. Or trigger pull strength.... plus a tore labrum in my right shoulder.... so enough whining


im considering switching to left hand shooter.... thoughts.... will I put the work in... yes 


can I shoot left... yes but the draw and grip cycle is the handicap.  Any suggestions on training ? 


Besides dry fire and range time


any one go thru this and with success... outcome


thanks all

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The reason you're not getting many responses is that your situation is highly specific and very few will know about full retraining using weak hand. While this is normal for long guns, where eye dominance determines which hand should be used as the strong hand, it's not very common for handguns which are shot with the strong hand using cross-dominant eye. Unless the person went through your exact situation, they won't know. 


Obviously, I cannot provide any insight into your actual question because I have never had to switch primary hand, just wanted to point out why no responses. In fact, you might be the person to perform the switch and update this thread with how the process went, so others can benefit from your voyage. 

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I have not gone through it. But:

The brain has an amazing capacity to learn and adapt.

It took you a while to get pretty handy with a pistol right handed. It will take some time and a lot of repetitions to get near that point with the other hand. Time and repetitions.


(Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes permanent. Practice to get it right.)

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16 hours ago, sheepdog69 said:



I've been teaching myself to shoot left handed for about 4 years now, no injuries but it's a good skill to learn. I didn't really see any specific questions in your post though. Left hand training is not much different than right hand training, just put in the practice, both dry and live.


I suppose one suggestion that may help you is to do other activities with your left hand too, to build dexterity. I was surprised how difficult it was to eat with my left hand instead of my right, for example. The hard part is having the discipline to do this a lot, but with your shoulder injury you do have a small advantage there as I expect it'll remind you to use your other hand. 


If your question was about eye dominance - personally I'm very right side dominant, but train to use whichever eye is on the gun side; i.e. left hand = left eye, right hand = right eye. That's mostly because my training is centered around defense and daily carry rather than competition, but I think ambidexterity with the eyes is just as useful as with the hands. YMMV of course. 

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