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Howdy Sarge,

I have a Ruger PCC.  I think they did a good job making it.  I have one of the originals.   I found that if you put a vertical grip on the forearm it will torgue while shooting and unlock the forend and barrel from the receiver.  Also the Glock magazine well adapter is a little sloppy, loose.  This is not an issue with 15rd mags.  But if you use a 30rd mag with an extension added (like to 47 or 59 rds) it will malfunction unless you shim the mag on the front of the mag against the mag well to keep it from moving/wiggling during firing.

The PCC is accurate and I like the Holsun RDS with the Dot, Circle, or Circle Dot option.  I've found I shoot faster, but still accurate with just the Circle.  If I have difficult target on a stage I'll switch to Circle Dot for precision extermination of the target.  I'm hoping Ruger will soon put the new forend with the rails on their parts list so I replace the hunting rifle forend on mine.  I like shooting 147gr bullets to ensure target knockdown.  But I usually use 115's cause I don't have a muzzle break.  Really, a muzzle break on a 9mm rifle???  

This rifle is very adaptable for juniors with the butt stock spacers.  I use all three that are provided.  Ruger very intelligently included those so the PCC could be adjusted for junior shooters.  Bring your kids or someones kids out to shoot competition with this rifle.  They'll love it, you'll love it.  They will learn discipline and respect for firearms. 

Ok, ok, ok.... Ok, 

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