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Should I be worried about my TSO?

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I purchased a Tactical Sport Orange 2 weeks ago. I finally had a chance to take it out and shoot her. I only shot 80 rounds. I got her home to clean and I noticed these marks. 

I cleaned her before taking her out. What do you guys think? I sent an email to CZ-USA warranty over a week ago asking them about it but have yet to receive an answer.



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I finally received a reply from CZ-USA. Here is what they said.


"These are common marks that are from the fitment of the firearm being tight to make the firearm as accurate as possible. You should not be concerned with these marks as they do not cause any malfunctions with the firearm."


I'm thinking of taking it to a local gunsmith and see what he thinks.



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one  TSO  from ours shooting club after 50k 9mm  don't have any signs like this.

i have seen worse things on cz  tso  guns.😉 sloppy gunsmith work is cz EU  trademark😀

personally i wouldn't worry about this because it is fixable .

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This seems to be the standard reply from CZ when you question anything about the TSO. They did same to me when I had issues with my trigger pull weight. My TSO doesnt have excessive wear at those spots for what its worth

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