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40 rnd ETS and Goliath Base Pad - Will NOT work!

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So, I got my new 40 rounder ETS Glock magazine the other day and I was excited. Being new PCC and still in the experimentation stage, my main goal is to experiment on the 40 rnd ETS magazine and what springs will work with it together with the Goliath base pad, and how many round I can get out of it. So I bought the Goliath base pad, and when it arrived (the day after the ETS mags), i was so anxious to try it out, with some of the springs I already have, and to my dismay, Goliath wouldn't work with the ETS 40 rnd magazine.


I got so carried away on how much rounds I can get if this combo (ETS/Goliath) works, missing a little, tiny detail that will cause for it not to work. The reason being is that, ETS 40 round magazine is has a leveled bottom base, and the Goliath base pad has an angled bottom base because it was specifically made for Glock magazine.


I am just putting this info out there, just in case there are some stupid newbies like me out there, thinking of doing the same thing. 🙂



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2 hours ago, rowdyb said:

Why anyone uses mags other than Glock mags in a match is beyond me..... Pmag and Ets are fine for practice but personally I would never used them in a match.


I use the factory Glock 33 round big stick for my starting mag, but using a 21 round pmag is perfect for reloads if needed. 

Shot a classifier yesterday that required 2 reloads and grabbing those 140 length mags felt like I was reloading my limited gun, at 1/4 the price of a factory mag with basepad. 

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My favorite is everyone buying pencil bbls, carbon fiber HG's, MFT minimalist stocks, etc....


and then hanging 1.3 lbs of lead under the gun. 


Has anyone put a giant stick on the timer? Two 33 rd mags vs. one 60 rd. on the clock? Seems like in a 50+ round stage the time penalty of a reload would be minimal and how much time do you lose in transition/muscling the gun w/ a 60 rd stick in?

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