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Finally chose a pistol!


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Just got this ordered from Bobby at CKarms. It’s a full dustcover shorty they’ve been working on and had for sale. I’ll be shooting minor with it for bowling pins and steel.  I plan on running it in USPSA Unlimited Major next year. I’ve got a Double Alpha rig coming for it,plus a bunch of MBX mags and a case of 9mm Major Ammo from Everglades. At least this hobby is inexpensive!


Here’s the gun in the white, it was sent out for finish on Friday. It will be black nitride with SS controls. They had a slideride on it for testing, but I’ll get it with an RTS2.




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5 hours ago, Hi-Power Jack said:

Do you have any experience shooting Major loads from a shorty vs a full-sized OPEN gun ?


I’ve shot both.  I’ll shoot quite a bit more Minor with this than I will Major.  I think it’s a good compromise without spending the $$$ on two dedicated pistols.

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