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Clean shot by Lovex

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On 10/4/2019 at 12:51 PM, bigboy69 said:

How much difference do you see in FPS when its really hot out?  I dont know how much of a difference it would make for steel.


If you mean Steel Challenge, there is no power factor.


Shoot the load you like.


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I chrono'd some Clean Shot recently, along with some other known minor loads. 


CZ Shadow 2

124gr Eggleston TC coated

Win headstamp


1.10 OAL


3.8  N320  1064 fps  23 es  7 sd

3.8  Sport Pistol  1050  32  11

3.8  Win 244  1048  12  4


3.9  Clean Shot  991  48  14

4.1  Clean Shot  1018  35  10

4.2  Clean Shot  1044  29  9

4.3  Clean Shot  1047  23  8


I then loaded some rounds with 4.2gr Clean Shot, and shot groups.  It was consistently the most accurate of the four different loads.

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I like it.

As others, I have found it to be a bit cleaner than Titegroup.


I originally tried it because Titegroup was just way too smokey with coated bullets and I was looking for an alternative.  While LESS smokey than Titegroup, CS is still too much for my daughter's sensibilities, so it's gone in the "backup" pile.  I landed on Win 231 for coated...

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+1 for Cleanshot.



1. Cost less than N320, about the same as Titegroup

2. Meters extremely consistent on Dillon powder measure, better than Titegroup, much better than N320

3. Much more clean burning than Titegroup, on par with N320

4. Plenty in stock, even in crazy 2020



1. For the same bullet weight to get to the same pf, it requires 0.3 - 0.4 gr more compared to Titegroup.


My recipe: Gallant bullet 147gr rn loaded to 1.110" OAL, federal primer, when use 3.4gr cleanshot, average pf is 129 with SD 4 - 7, when use 3.6gr cleanshot, average pf 132 with SD 8 -10. Temperature 70 degrees. All test rounds uses brass with the same headstamp.

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