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FTE (Failure To Eject AR9)

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CBRussell.... you will find a variety of springs and buffer weights being used for USPSA., depending on shooter perception... recoil reduction, or reduction of dot movement... I can live with recoil, if the dot doesn't move...  power factor is naturally an important variable, and I would suggest you determine the power factor before you attempt to tune the carbine..... I use a rifle length buffer tube, and the extra length of the rifle buffer allowed me to initially play with a variety of different weight systems, that were inexpensive... I use a standard rifle length spring... I load only one 9mm on the Dillon, and it is a 135 Bayou coated using WSF.... 130pf out of the G17, and 146 out of the PCC (I'm giving up a bit)


in a rifle length buffer

filled with 7 1/2 lead shot... 6.0 oz

1/2" brass rod.. 6.2 oz

5/8" brass rod..7.0 oz

filled solid lead.. 9.0oz

I initially found the 7.0oz buffer to work best for my set up, but later switched to the current use of an Enidine hydraulic buffer (from my 5.56 rifle) and standard rifle spring


with the modified Miculek comp I described in another topic, I get imperceptible dot movement with a double tap at 25yd

Les   L747

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Thanks "Les Snyder." He is currently shooting 115 grain Winchester White Box ammunition. We have not yet chronographed the load but I was reading a prior thread and most were using 124 grain bullets at a 130 - 135 power factor. Seems the suggestion when using a 115 grain bullet was to drop down a half pound on the spring weight. We will check your buffer/ spring combinations oot.

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