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CZ TSO Buffer


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I took my new TSO out today for the first time. Love the gun. When I got the gun apart to clean it I saw that the buffer pad was torn to s**t. There were also some scratches on the lugs. 

Is this normal? I replaced the thin black buffer with one of the thicker clear ones that came in the case. I hope this is just a part of the break in. 

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I went back and forth with the buffers. I'll tell you that I really couldnt tell the difference. Supposedly it does ease some of the force on the internals of the gun more than it will change your perceived recoil effect. But they definitely did cause me a few issues for me a few times which made it easy for me to toss them in the trash. When I was new to the platform it was overwhelmingly recommended across the forums to ditch them for what its worth.

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