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New 40 round Glock mag from ETS

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just received my 40 rounder from ETS... to prep the new magazine for  radial delay bolt clearance, I got my miniature milling machine out (aka Dremel with a 9/64 drill bit) to massage the rear bolt clearance window, and trusty sanding drum to reduce the nose of the follower... adding a new "sand" release hole in the process to allow any debris to get off  the nose of the follower :)... ran the dummies fine... will try shooting it Wed when Howard gets his new Lab Radar on line, and will see if I really make minor with my new reduced load...  I use the same load in the Steel Challenge Glock as well as the AR9 for PCC... regards

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I really want to experiment with springs and base pads with these new mags.  Maybe get 67 reliable rounds with an MBX mega extension?  It would require a new spring to be designed, or a combo of springs.


I know, 67 rounds sounds ridiculous, but I’ve seen a couple stages where a 57rd mag is on the verge of cutting it close.

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I love the idea of easy, simple, extension-free 40-rd mags, so I picked up two of these.


They run the first 38 rounds perfectly fine.


However, the last round gets jammed into the follower somehow, and so the last two/three rounds will fail to go up the mag. 

This is with Syntech 130 and 150. I suspect the polymer coating doesn't let the rounds slide inside the mag as freely as an FMJ would. 


I'll try again, but with an FMJ as the first round to be loaded, then fill with Syntech.




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1 hour ago, Les Snyder said:

Sergio... what is your overall length with the coated bullets?... I'm running Bayou coated 135s at 1.10"....first impression was good, no problems... first match Sunday, will see if the first look was indicative

Syntech PCC 130gr are pretty consistent with OAL. I measured 10 and they were at 1.1250”. 

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Tested again tonight...
This time with the first two rounds loaded in the mag are FMJ. Then filled with Syntech PCC. 

It worked great! 
I don’t think it’s the OAL because the FMJs were a bit longer than the Syntech, measuring at 1.15”. 



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2 hours ago, mxj23 said:

Mine came in the mail today when I got home from my local match. Had to do some modification to get them to seat and for the bolt to close. DK had them on sale for $18 each, so much cheaper than OEM's with TTI Extension. Looking forward to testing them


Hi there, mxj23! May I ask which TTI Extension did you use? Thanks!

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