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Agility training


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Just curious as to what types of agility training you are using and what kind of results you’ve seen. Looking for different drills to try.


I’ve been setting up small cones during live fire along with a few targets and static steel. Basically working on entering and leaving positions as aggressively as possible, keeping the gun up working long reps of movement over and over again. I’ve noticed it’s helped a bit over the last few matches. Helps with stamina and just building that subconscious mindset of doing everything between shooting as fast as I can.



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I used to do triangle drills,   three small boxes, one in center at 20 yards, one to left at 10, one to right at ten..  3 targets. 2,2,2 from each box, run it a few times starting from each box clockwise and countr clockwise.
I also used to do what we called shuttle drills in drive way,,   Two lines on driveway (GRAVEL)   run sideways to line and slide to line, run sideways to other line and slide to line.
another thing that helped me was fence line drills...
Sit in garage and dry fire at fence posts, practice snapping my eyes fence post to fence posts and "bang" left to right right to left.
My shot timer has a par time,,, would set up a dry fire stage with a part time and a few targets with movement and corners. This was in my barracks room, hung up some printed targets,,,  used tv shower ETC,,, at buzzer move out bang bang,  bang bang, keep reducing par time to keep up.
I pretty much peaked at this time being a Geo bachelor.


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That would be fun to do at the gym in the cardio room.  Oh wait  I better stick to that in basement [emoji4]
I can hear the screams already! I do it in the back yard while my wife and daughters make fun of me.

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On 10/2/2019 at 7:14 PM, af_tt said:

I do shuttles laterally and forward and backwards with reloads or target acquisitions worked in.

That would be just about all one would need.  In my case, I am genetically long-legged and find it easier to maintain upper body mass and strength than in the lower body.  So I put some time into basic lower body strengthening (squats, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises).  If I do more of your type of activity on top of what I already do, it will serve me well.

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I've been incorporating plyometric style exercises to my normal weight training.  So besides lifting 4 days a week, once or twice a week, I'll do multiple rounds of box jumps, crunches (or something similar), and snatches or cleans or jerks.  

I'll try to do upwards of 5 rounds all as explosive as possible.  It's brutal but its been conditioning me a lot more for stages; my knees, legs and ankles all feel much more ready.  

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