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Anyway to power debur trimmed cases, in the press after trimming?


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I am running a D1500 case trimmer on a D1050.   Anyone figure out a way to set up a deburring station in the press after its been trimmed?  I just want to break the sharp edge, not put a full chamfer on it.   I recognize the challenge of keeping the case from spinning why a powered deburring tool comes down to clean up the edges. 


I do a short wet tumble now post power trimming and hand deburring the brass just to clean the primer pockets and remove any brass dust from trimming.    Perhaps skip the hand deburring and do a longer tumble in the stainless chips to try to break the sharp edges?  


Just looking for a way to not have to hand deburr the inner and outer edges post trimming.   (Also post 300BLK trimming/forming) 

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If loading jacketed boattail bullets for short range 1-300 yds --why bother?  You can add a Dillon swage back-up die after the trim station--it will slightly roll the interior case neck burr

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I have different trim specific tool heads heads set up for trimming and forming 5.56 and 300 BO.


I have two separate tool heads for 300 BO as I use the GSI dies and tool head set up so it’s two steps.


I move my RT1500 between the tool heads. I do massive quantities at one time time so having to move it around occasionally is not that big of a deal.


For my 300 BO and 5.56, I wet tumble which knocks off outside burr. Then on my 650 I run a Lyman M Die in Station one which knocks the burrs off the inside and expands just a little as I use a Mr Bullet feeder as well.


If you’re not making precision ammo then this is more than adequate to deal with burrs. Even this process still produces MOA ammo for the most part.


For precision brass prep I do it in smaller quantities on the 550. Then use a Worlds Finest Trimmer II, and debur chamfer by hand. I’m only doing 100-200 at a time so it’s not a big deal.


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The Dillon trimmer is press mounted, so you don't have to handle the brass to trim, and when you set up a processing head on a progressive with the RT, you can do multitudes of brass thru sizing and trim dies to end up with rifle brass that is all ready to load, WITHOUT having to handle each piece of brass.

I hate the pencil sharpener type trimmers, they take extra time and work for what can be accomplished on a progressive press, and they aggravate my carpal tunnel.


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